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Started in 2017, the W-Body Digest is a Blog dedicated to preserving and telling the story of the General Motors W-Body platform.

If you are someone who would go without food for a month to get your hands on a 1″ GMR chain, somebody who can repeat verbatim the machine specs required to run a double roller timing chain, or someone who is willing to pay $200 or more for two pieces of plastic you attach to your roof then you belong here!

I created this Blog to provide W-Body enthusiasts with lesser known information about the platform we all know and love, to tell the stories of those who have had the most impact in this community, and to provide unbiased how-to’s and product reviews.

Some of you may be asking what was the catalyst for this Blog. For me it was a few different events. For one, the ’09 death of Pontiac marked the end of an era. Today there are less and less W-Body vehicles on the road and more can be found in Junkyards everywhere. Secondly, much of the old forum posts and how to’ are beginning to be lost and are difficult to find. Finally, I’d like to capture in story the heart and soul of the W-Body platform, the enthusiasts who built a community.

I fell in love with these cars when I received my first W-Body for Christmas ’99. It was a silver ’93 Grand Prix LE Sedan (read about it here). Over the past decade I’ve owned two additional Grand Prixs, both coupes a Black ’97 GT and Red ’99 GTX.  Several family and friends have also owned W-Bodies ranging from Impalas to Regals. To be clear, I’m a W-Body enthusiast and understand the love for these vehicles and this is why I hope you will join as a subscriber. I’d love to hear from and share with you about a Car platform that we all know and love!

Josh WB